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Our Mission

Empowering clients to succeed by discovering and using their strengths.

Our Vision

Helping humanity be happier, more productive, and more fulfilled. Working with leaders and staff to create a work environment that works for everyone.

What We Believe:
Your greatest asset is your team, so investing in their development, knowledge and happiness is critical to the success and growth of your business. In order for your company to reach a high level of success, you need to hire smart, talented people, treat them well, and let them work in their areas of strength and energizers. Helping employees become happier, more productive, and fulfilled should be the top priority of employers. Smart bosses know the way to get more from their employees is to give them more — more opportunity to work in areas they are strong in and energized by.
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Our Approach:
Many companies make the assumption that it is possible to re-mold, or significantly change, the behaviors of employees into the desired models. While this can certainly be done on a limited scale, it is often difficult to do for the long term – it’s like the analogy of the person who would rather perform independent analysis instead of meeting new people, or has a very aggressive workplace behavior that alienates co-workers. Trying to force changes in these types of behaviors is difficult, yet, understanding how these behaviors can be used constructively enables that individual to be a productive member of the organization. Thus, instead of the “re-molding” approach, we believe that everyone has a specific set of behaviors that are already programmed into them. We, therefore, examine all of those behaviors, and teach the person which ones are energizers, which ones are drainers, how to use the positive ones more effectively, and how NOT to use the ones that will negatively affect the other members of their team.

The results that we achieve using this approach include:


Attaining higher levels of motivation and enjoyment at work, as employees will be applying their strengths more often.
Improving the work product, and creating a higher sense of achievement.
Creating an atmosphere of trust.
Increasing confidence and resilience, enabling the overcoming of performance obstacles.
Improving understanding of employees’ weaker areas and strengths in overdrive.
Achieving better teamwork and team dynamics.
Identifying employees’ strengths and energizers, weaknesses, and drainers to create a deeper self-awareness.
Clarifying assumptions/misconceptions that employees have about themselves and others.

Our Capability Statement

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